Mr Helios - Jens Verburgh


“Music is my first love and it will be my last…”

Just like the sun sheds its light on the people of earth I want to shed my light onto you through my music. One of the things that sparked this inner flame was the extensive record and CD collection we had at home. It all started when I played at a birthday for the first time. I got hooked and I will stay hooked for the next coming aeons. From this day onwards I said a clear ‘yes’ to every party or festivity that came my way. And it was the experience I gathered during these teenage years that molded me into the DJ I am now. I constantly challenged myself by participating in events and contests such as: MNM Start-To-DJ, I Love Techno, StuBru, JIMtv, … and because of this I grew stronger and sharpened my style while learning new things. You can also get the latest information concerning upcoming parties and much more just by liking my Facebook page.

One thing’s for sure

“to live without my music would be impossible to do!”

– John Miles


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